Past few years have experienced crucial changes in the website design trend, especially in terms of ecommerce. Sticking to what is trendy is always a way to go, given that you take along your design instincts and creative variations. Jankosoft enlists below some popular trends which are keeping designers busy in the year 2015:

1. Full width backgrounds and flat designs

Though not for every ecommerce design, but it is definitely something that never fails to grab attention. Many biggies have made it clear that full width background and flat designs are not just soothing to eyes, but also easy to understand – that’s make them user-friendly. The design focuses towards the content, and gives special gradients to call-to-action buttons keeping them slightly apart. This is a prominent change that Singapore web design industry has observed.

2. Minimalistic typography

This is what the first trend supports when it comes to ecommerce website designing. In order for your ecommerce store to work well for audiences, it has to be both functional and elegant. The design and graphics need to make a statement, but they have to take a step back allowing your products to shine. Using minimalistic typography, you make sure that users get more attracted towards products and services rather than getting distracted to anything unnecessary. We suggest you considering some elements when looking for minimalistic style – the kind of interface that would work best for you, hierarchy and the colour.

3. Tiled navigation

Humans have a tendency to get attracted towards colorful images. With this psychology, designers are using captivating images instead of boring text boxes to create tiled navigation for ecommerce sites, which are very exciting to click through. The standard top navigation bars are successfully being replaced by beautiful tiles. Use of tiles also reduces the possibility of getting lost during site navigation. So, do not get surprised to observe what you are accustomed to seeing are better previewed through tiles.

4. Life-like product images

Large photographs of products on the home-page is the new trend in the field of ecommerce website development. In fact, some designers take an unconventional route by completely eliminating banners and sliders by adding life-like product images, or impressively placing product categories. This is to draw attention through product categories and allow users to directly click on what they want eliminating any chances of confusion.

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